Discussing the Jamaican Economy

While economic development in Jamaica does not come without its challenges, it has massive potential outside of the simple tourism appeal of sea, sand and sun. After decades of slow growth, it is embarking on a transformation of its economy, counting on its location at the crossroads of global logistics and its workforce’s potential for business process outsourcing to reach the ambitious goal of 5% economic growth by 2020.

Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica – World Investment Interviews

World Investment News interview with Prime Minister Andrew Holness of Jamaica about the country’s potential, as well as his administration’s plans to grow its economy and become prosperous.

Guinea’s Economy After the Ebola Crisis

In addition to the toll in human lives, the West African Ebola epidemic devastated the region’s economies, including Guineas. Prior to the crisis, the country’s economy had been steadily growing, and business is now poised to return to the country. World Investment News’ Editor in Chief Stan Aron and Project Coordinator Daria Teresa discuss the country’s key economic features.